Diesel Car Bargains in the Netherlands?

Due to the fact that the Netherlands has significantly higher rates of road tax for diesel cars when compared to petrol powered, the purchase of a used diesel car over there can work out less expensive than from neighbouring countries.

In Holland most of the new diesel cars registered are to large companies. The very high rate of road tax that has to be paid for diesel cars is offset by the cheaper diesel price which is currently around 1,30 euro per litre.

As an example the road tax for a diesel Nissan Primera 2.2Dci works out at around 1200 euro per year, somewhere around £1000 GBP. Whereas the road tax for an equivalent vehicle but petrol powered, would be around half of this.

It is therefore evident that for older diesel cars, the annual road tax which an owner will have to pay in Holland, is more than the car’s value.

This means that unless a high mileage is done, then the benefits of having a diesel car are gone and most private owners elect to buy petrol engined cars.

Hence when ex company diesel cars come up for sale, which is often through large lease companies, the resale market is really limited to either the export market or otherwise the cars have to be cheap enough to appeal to the few private Dutch buyers who are willing to pay the high road tax.

The second hand price difference between petrol and diesel cars in Holland is very noticeable, with the diesel cars being the cheapest, especially those over three year old.