eBay Best Place to Get a Good Price for a LHD

If you want the best price for your car then don’t block bidders from outside the UK when selling on eBay.co.uk

I hear that more and more people selling on eBay.co.uk are blocking bids for their items from bidders outside the United Kingdom. Worried about foreign scammers, (particularly the infamous Nigerian type) they take the opinion that all bidders outside the UK are fraudulent and ready to rip them off, ultimately stealing whatever they are offering for sale on eBay or other UK auction sites.

The problem is that whilst there are many scammers out there just waiting for the right opportunity, there are many more honest bidders in Europe and elsewhere who are being blocked from bidding as a result. The more bidders you have the more you will obtain for your car or other goods you want to sell.

Scammers do not have to be from other countries anyway. They can obtain buyer accounts in the UK which means that their bid will not be blocked. eBay feedback is an excellent indication of a bidder’s integrity. If you are selling on eBay monitor your bidders and if you feel uneasy about them, contact them.

If you get no reply or are still uneasy about the bidder, send them another mail to say that you are not happy as you have concerns and then remove their bid, but advise of this first and state the reason for removing their bid. You can block individuals from bidding for your items.

Alternatively, include a sentence in the item description, telling bidders from outside the UK to contact you before placing a bid. If they make no contact and still place a bid, remove it and advise them why their bid has been removed.

Take the bidder on face value, evaluate them from their feedback and go from there. In the end you’ll get a better price.

Maybe Holland is finding things tougher than other EU member states, or the over stocking of cars by some car dealers in Holland means that if they need to sell they have to price keenly. Whatever the reason, Holland seems to be the place to look for a bargain left hand drive car right now.