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Search for and find new and used cars and vehicles for sale in UK and Europe with this Left Hand Drive Cars Search Engine

United Kingdom
Auto Trader UKLHD AutoTrader — Always an excellent source for buying and selling all types of cars and vehicles, this link will take you to Auto Trader UK latest selection of around 500 left hand drive cars and vehicles currently advertised online with AutoTrader.co.uk


ebay UKeBay Cars LHD — Do not forget eBay cars LHD. eBay Cars LHD always have a large listing of Lefthand drive in UK – Cars, 4×4, commercial vehicles and classic cars. I have bought many left hand drive bargains from this source. Once you go to this screen, choose the category of LHD you want from the menu on the left, ie, cars, classic cars, commercial vehicles, campers and motorhomes etc. NOTE: Not all will be LHD cars. Some will be incorrectly listed RHD vehicles.


Find itFindIt.co.uk — You will always find a good selection of Lefthand Drive cars listed in FindIt.


Exchange & MartExchange and Mart — LHD UK. This publication has been around for years and still going strong. This link takes you to their current offering of around 200 offered for sale.


AdTrader — Another of the free ad papers. At time of listing, AdTrader had over 300 Lefthand drive Cars for sale in the UK.


LootLoot — When I was actively looking for LHD a few years ago, the Loot was one of my must have buys. It always offers bargains and cheap stuff of all sorts. This link takes you directly through to the LHD UK section of this excellent publication. Happy Hunting.


OodleOodle — This link takes you direct to Cars LHD UK on Oodle. At the time of placing this link there were around 3000 Cars with Left Steering listed in the UK.
JustGoodCarsJustGoodCars.com — Enter your search term in the search box with your choice of manufacturer and this site gives excellent results for LHD Cars in the UK.
Cars for Sale IrelandCars For Sale Ireland — Cars for sale in Ireland. Car sales from Car Dealers selling Used Cars and Second hand Cars. Here you can Buy Cars or Sell Cars in Ireland, commercial vans also available with a list of New Cars, Classic Cars, Modified Cars, Sports Cars, 4x4s and Trucks for sale.


DVLADVLA — To register your car or vehicle in the UK, go to this site.


Holland – the Netherlands


BCA Holland BCA — British Car Auctions Holland. Site is now also English. BCA Holland is based in Barneveld. Several auction sales every week with a good selection of vehicles. Now offering an online auction sales facility. To view stock, click on KAVELLIJST.


Auto Trader Holland Auto Trader Holland — Dutch edition of this well known ever popular buy and sell media. Many dealers adverts, with a great selection of vehicles.
MarktplaatsMarktplaats — Premier auction buy and sell classified website from Holland. Owned by eBay, this site is actually larger and more active than eBay Holland. An excellent source for all types of things including cars and vehicles. Most ads are from within the Netherlands and Belgium.


SpeurdersSpeurders — Another excellent web site from Holland offering many things including vehicles. Second largest in Holland after Marktplaats.
Auto TelegraafAuto Telegraaf — Daily national newspaper web site from Holland. Offers thousands of vehicles. Good site for locating a car or other vehicle.


VeilinkijkerVeilingkijker — Dutch web site. Search through many of the above sites in one hit. Enter what you are looking for and it will search through 5 online sources, including eBay Holland, Speurders and Marktplaats.
Domeinen — The Dutch Ministry of Finance. Once a month this government run organisation has a massive sale at Soesterberg, north of Utrecht in Holland. There are always many diverse goods on offer – from computers and mobile phones to trucks, cars, motorbikes, boats and bicycles etc. It is mostly confiscated stuff taken by the ministry for tax evasion or other criminal activity. You buy on a tender basis. Viewing is normally held on the first monday of every month, with a deadline for tender thursday morning 10.00 am following the sale day. You can view the forthcoming sale online. Click on CATALOGUS on the left side of the page to enter. * Now with an ONLINE buying facility*.
AutorolaAutorola — Online car and vehicle auction based in Holland and other countries in Europe. Selection of vehicles includes cars, 4×4, vans, commercials etc. There are auction sales throughout the week. You need to register to participate.


AutoZeelandAuto Zeeland  AutoZeeland, the car site from Zeeland! Find cars for sale in the province of Zeeland, Holland.
BVA-Auctions.comBVA Auctions — BVA Auctions offer a number of sales throughout the Netherlands, There are regular Auctions every week, offering a large number of Cars and many other types of vehicles.


ExportCarExport Car — Buy and sell cars and vehicles with ExportCar.nl from Holland.
Zeelandnet Zeelandnet — Good choice of cars from the excellent Zeelandnet site. Find most models of cars and trucks plus vehicle salvage from this web site in Holland.
RDW - nlRDW registration APK data — Input any Dutch vehicle registration number and this site will search for data for that car in the Dutch RDW (DVLA) database. Find history and other information on cars and other vehicles registered in Holland, for free.


KapazaKapaza — Excellent top web site from Belgium. Offers all sorts of things, including thousands of cars and vehicles.
AutozoneAutozone — One of the finest vehicle web sites from Belgium. Excellent selection of used cars and vehicles on offer.
Global Car LocatorGlobal Car Locator Belgium — Search for more cars with this site which is featured in English.
EuroCoc — If you want a certificate of conformity for your imported car then EuroCoc can help. They have been dealing with COC certificates since 2005 and mediated over 12.000 COC certificates with thousands of satisfied clients. Since they started trading, Eurococ has created a vast network of suppliers which guarantees you a great services.


LaCentrale.frLaCentrale.fr — Take a look at this really excellent French website. Find all types of left hand drive cars, motorhomes, motorbikes, caravans and boats etc advertised for sale in France with LaCentrale.fr


321auto321auto.com — Another really excellent French website offering thousands of cars for sale in France.


BCA SpainBCA Spain — This site is in English. Another very large car auction outlet in Europe from British Car Auctions. With auction facilities at Madrid, Seville and Barcelona, BCA Espana holds regular weekly sales at its sites in sunny Spain.


MobileMobile.de — The biggest and the best advertising media to use if you want to buy or sell a car in Europe. Used extensively by the trade – you will have to be quick if you spot a bargain. Adverts are mainly from Germany but Mobile also covers the rest of Europe with several sister sites. If you are looking for a left hand drive BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Land Rover, Citroen, 4×4, truck, van, MPV, or other vehicle then this is definitely the place to start.
Auto Scout 24Auto Scout 24 — German classified car sales. Click to look for cars left hand. From there you can navigate through this top web site and view Auto Scouts other sites in Europe.
Autobid Autobid — Buy cars and trucks online. This is a top online auction from Germany. You are required to be a dealer and you must register. Regular sales of cars and vehicles of all types. The car salvage offered is from a number ofl companies including Hertz.
Zoll-AuktionZoll-Auktion.de — German online auction web site. Find confiscated cars and vehicles plus other items of all descriptions direct from the German Bundesministerium der Finanzen. From cars, trucks, trailers, boats and lorries and vehicles of all types to household products plus many other items. Discover something of interest here. You are required to register before you can place a bid.


DAZDAZ — Similar to Auto Trader, Daz from Germany is a classified ad magazine. Daz website offers cars and vehicles of all types. You can find at this site links to other Daz publications including Daz Transporter, Daz Caravan, Daz Truck, Daz Bauma and Daz Cars.
eBay GermanyeBay Germany — Terrific source for buying and selling used cars. eBay Germany buy and sell more vehicles than any other online auction site in Europe.