LHD Salvage Cars & Vehicles

The following is a listing of websites in Europe which offer LHD damaged car salvage and spare parts……………..

Germany offers by far the largest choice of salvage cars for sale in Europe.  Whilst you will find thousands of crashed cars offered for sale from dealers throughout Germany, there are a number of regions where there is a large abundance of salvage cars making it easier to go from yard to yard searching for the bargains before they are listed on the internet.  The small town of Bad Bentheim, which is situated right on the border of Germany and Holland has a large grouping of salvage yards conveniently positioned in one region.


Tanke.de    — Large German accident damaged car and vehicle company based on the Dutch German Dutch border.  Mainly dealing in Left Hand Drive damaged commercial vehicles, they also have a fair stock of damaged repairable 4×4 cars, motor homes, campers and plant.

Auto Teilemarkt

Auto Teilemarkt —   From the German company of Lechmann.  They offer all sorts of accident damaged cars left hand, damaged repairables and much more on this site.

eBay Germany

eBay Germany  —   Excellent source of left hand drive accident repairable cars from Europes’ second largest online auction site. Buy and sell left hand drive damaged crashed and salvage cars and vehicles on eBay Deutchsland.


Autobid.de  —  Buy left hand drive accident damaged car and truck salvage online through a live auction.   A great site, but you must be a dealer and you have to register. Regular sales of cars and vehicles.  The online car salvage auction offers accident damaged cars from several sources including Hertz.

France — There are thousands of car salvage breaker sites in France, which offer a fabulous selection of damaged repairables.

Auto 27

Auto 27 —  French car auto damaged repairable company based in Rouen northern France.  Auto 27 have a good stock of salvage and damaged cars, 4×4, trucks and vans.  Their website is in Polish and English.


Didier Automobile  —   Didier offer 450 accident repairable, crashed and damaged cars all available from their large site, online from Waregem in Belgium.

TD Negoce

TD Negoce  —   French specialist damaged repairable salvage company based in Toul France.   Another large company with an excellent website.   There are links to www.occasion-camion.com where you can buy lefthand drive trucks, busses, plant and commercial lorry vehicles.

Bon Web

Bon Web  —  This is a smart type of search module from BON WEB France.  The above link will take you directly to a page already loaded for accident damaged cars and salvage vehicles of all types.

Fast Car

Fast Car  —  French accident damaged car and truck company, based in Beauchamp near Paris.  Excellent stock of damage repairables.  Website in English, French and Polish.  Damage and some undamaged vehicle sales only.  They do not sell spare parts.

Holland —  Language is not normally a problem when buying car salvage in Holland, as many of the damaged vehicle dealers will speak at least a little English.
I have found some good bargain buys when buying crashed vehicles in Holland.  If buying and exporting newer cars from the Netherlands, it is possible to claim a refund of some of the BPM purchase tax that would have been paid on the car when it was new.   The dealer you buy from should be able to advise.


Onderdelenlijn —  This site from Holland offers secondhand left hand drive car spares and parts for cars and other vehicles.  It has a large number of clients in its database so that if you want a spare part, you complete a form, supply a picture of what you need and someone will get in touch with you if they have the part you need.  There are no fees for this service.

BCA Holland

BCA Holland  —  From time to time BCA Holland hold accident damaged salvage car and vehicle auction sales at their site in Barneveld.

Auto Onderdelen Startpagina

Auto-Onderdelen Startpagina  — Comprehensive listings of new and secondhand car spares and parts from Holland.

Schade Campers

Schade Campers —  Specialising in left hand drive accident damaged campers and motorhomes, Schade Campers is a salvage company based in Holland.

VSV - Schadevoertuigen

Schadevoertuigen.nl  — Lefthand drive accident damaged, salvage car site with links to traders from Holland who buy direct from insurance companies.  The trade association is the VSV –  The Vereniging Schade Voertuighandel (Society of Damaged Vehicle Traders).  With a language toolbar which features English, Polish and German   – The main site is in Dutch.  Offering left hand drive damaged salvage vehicles of all types, including cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles


Schade Autos  —   Website from Holland which offers LHD accident damaged, motor salvage and parts.  Links to auto salvage dealers and dismantlers.  This is the largest and most up to date of all the Dutch sites the best one to be found from the Netherlands

Onderdelen Zoeker

Onderdelenzoeker.nl  —  Dutch website, again offering an excellent car spare part location service.  With language tools, the above link will take you straight into the English lanuage section of the site.  Really easy to list the part you are looking for and all for free.


SchadeAutos.com  —   Website from Holland offering salvage damaged repairable cars, 4×4, cars, trucks, spare parts etc.  Links to hundreds of motor salvage dealers.

Schade Auto Markt

Schade Auto Markt  —  Top Dutch auto salvage site offering hundreds of accident damaged vehicles and spare parts.

Belgium — For it’s small size there are a surprisingly large number of car salvage sources situated in Belgium, some of which you will find below.  Whilst you can find vehicle salvage dealers throughout Belgium, the town of Roeselare, postcode BE 8800 and the surrounding area is a region which offers a large volume of car salvage for sale.

Autos Motos

Autos-Motos   —   Car salvage company from Belgium offering a large and excellent stocks of damaged repairable cars.


reKup.net  —  Second hand used car spares location service from Belgium.  Offering a spare parts search service for vehicles, cars and motorcycle.  With a language toolbar, easy to find or list what you want.  Rated excellent and it’s all free to list what you are looking for.

321 Autotal

321Autotal —  This company from Belgium have an online buy and sell auction facility.

Export Trader

Export Trader  —  Offering all types of lefthand cars and vehicles from North America, this website includes accident damaged and salvage motors plus motor auction sites in the USA and many other worldwide locations.  Their comprehensive website is top class, encompassing absolutely everything you can think of to enable you to successfully import any type of vehicle from the United States.