More on Damaged LHD Cars

In Europe, if a damaged car or vehicle has a complete registration or export document with no annotations, then there is no record of damage held by the registration authorities.

If the vehicle is deemed to be too badly damaged and not worth repairing, in effect a write off, the registration document will have been withdrawn and will not be reissued.

Registration documents or log books vary from country to country, so it is always difficult to know if you have the complete or correct document.

Double check with the person from whom you are buying to ensure that all parts of the document are present, provided of course, that you can trust them.

Just because the registration authority may not hold records of the damage, the franchise – importer may have a record.

It is possible that following an accident, the car may have been taken to the respective franchised main dealer for repair cost appraisal according to the vehicle manufacture, so bear this in mind when purchasing.